Xero Consulting & System Setup

Need help setting up your file or experiencing issues? Need advice on the best way to automate your accounting? We’re here to help.

Mel Foote is a qualified Xero partner and has a wealth of experience in working with clients to implement Xero correctly.

We can work with you directly on either a short or long-term basis to make your accounting system the best it can be.

We can also work with you as your registered tax practitioner. As BAS agents we can lodge your activity statements, check your staff are entering data correctly and help to train them where needed.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion to find out how we can help you get up to date or to improve your current systems.

What can we do for your business?

  • Enterprise wide operating model with leverage on shared services/Centers of Excellence
  • Business partner oriented role/strategic advisor
  • Unified performance management platform
  • Standardised, integrated, automated processes
  • Automated and preventive business control and process governance
  • Optimised finance functions
  • Simplified and standardised data/entity structures
How we do the job

Our Consulting Process

01. Analyse & Create

It’s time to analyse where you’re at and where you want to be. We then identify the best way forward by creating a system and/or program that works for you.

02. Build & Scale

It’s time to get down to taking action and control at all levels of your business. We work with you to build a scaleable and easy to follow system.


03. Assure & Review

It’s time to review your new system and make sure all staff are following the new program. Allow everyone in your team to be accountable for their additions to your continuous improvement.

04. Celebrate & Rejuvenate

It’s time to celebrate your new found success and freedoms. It’s up to you….. continue to develop based upon what we’ve already taught you or sit back and enjoy that holiday and cocktail whilst your team take control. 

Going the Extra Mile

Bringing People and Business Together with Software Enhanced Strategies

Interested? Let’s work together