You can automate your practice.

Our Chaos to Control training will show you EXACTLY how to transform your accounting and bookkeeping firm with an all-in-one system that doesn’t require massive investments in time or money. It’s time to activate your next level. Come and discover the simple, streamlined system that changes lives and businesses.

Take a look at the advantages & a sneak peek of the system (below in our video) or jump into a Zoom session with Mel to learn about:

  • The simple, streamlined all-in-one system built specifically for finance professionals.
  • How to build a practice that is peaceful, fun, and one that your staff and clients love so that you constantly have referrals coming through the door.
  • Discover the secret to a streamlined business that easily generates revenue month over month without you running it constantly. 

  • Learn how Melissa built her successful practice and stepped out of the business and exactly how she supports her clients to do the same.

This is what we can implement with you over 12 weeks:

Time to get on top of your workflows and start 2024 on autopilot?

Then join me on a Zoom call where I will show you how I automated and streamlined my businesses and practice within one online system to create the lifestyle business I had always dreamed of.
Not only that….
While scrapping multiple subscriptions with one low and affordable subscription cost, I also achieved the following:
⭐️ One inbox – get rid of emails and centralise all of your business communications in one area. Message your team, clients, contractors and create easy-to-follow subject threads or channels to keep all of your communication neat and in control.
⭐️ One portal – access your online system either via a Web browser or via your device’s app. Use your data to work from anywhere at anytime.
⭐️ CRM Create a beautiful CRM for clients, staff and contractors and hold all of their contact and client specific information in one place.
⭐️ Tasks – Create and delegate tasks and subtasks. Also create tasks and appointments from conversations and set deadlines. Create repeatable template workflows to use again and again. View your tasks in Kanban, List, Table, Calendar or Timeline view. Delegate tasks to your staff or contractors and keep an eye on where everyone is at. Filter tasks and create custom fields. Classify tasks and projects as either personal or business.
⭐️ Projects – Create internal or client projects. Maintain all of your client communication, files, personalised client wiki, tasks, templates, timers & timesheets, billing, invoices, contracts, proposals, calendar, and a log of everyone’s activity in one place. Communicate directly within the project to keep everyone on the same page.
⭐️ Portal interface – Create your own portal front page and customise for staff or contractors to keep everyone focused.
⭐️ Calendars – Import or create your own calendars. Repeat tasks, create appointments and invite others or apply an event or task to a project.
⭐️ Notes – Create file notes throughout the system.
⭐️ Wikis – Create internal and client specific wikis to hold all of your Policies, Procedures, Checklists, Email templates, Internal templates and workflows. Create beautiful content with images, videos, checklists, tables and just about any content. Great for delivery of training or easy-to-digest information for clients and staff and to reduce touchpoints or easily forgotten information. Stop those pesky questions and empower your staff, clients and contractors by providing a system they can refer to over and over again.
⭐️ Files – Share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, training content and other files with your clients and team. Set files up in your client projects to stop requests for files or information via email. Allow clients to self-serve (what you choose) via their own login and portal access. Connect to external file sharing platforms (where available).
⭐️ Contracts and Proposals – Create template documents for easy creation of contracts and proposals for signing and retention. Easily send them to clients or staff/contractors from within the system.
⭐️ Forms – Create your own forms. Collect feedback or any other data that is useful to your business.
⭐️ White label – White label your portal for clients and staff to your brand colours and style guides. Create beautiful templates to onboard your clients, staff or contractors.
If you would love to finally centralise your business systems, then come along to a Zoom meeting or call and see how we can help you implement all of the above. Check out the image gallery below for more examples……

What’s included in the 12 week program?

  • 6 Incredible Modules to Build Your Tasks & Workflows, Projects, Timesheets & Timers, Calendar & Tasks, Proposals & Contracts, CRM & Communication System, Wikis & Files, White Label & Notes and personalised Portal front page.
  • 1 x Weekly Q&A + 1 Weekly Training session and White Glove Support facilitated by Team Melissa in Exclusive C2C Community
  • Community Support – Exclusive Facebook Community
  • Templates –
    • Client Onboarding Templates & Wiki
    • Client Training Templates & Wiki
    • SOP’s/Wiki StructureTemplate
    • Client Templates such as Contracts, Proposals and Checklists
    • Client Workflow Templates
    • Client Project & Task Templates
    • Communication Thread Templates – Client & Internal
    • Best Practice Document Filing Templates
    • Client Experience Feedback Form
  • Done With You –
    • Tech setup
    • Client wiki, including templates and example files for an incredible onboarding experience for your clients
    • Internal wiki set up ready to add your own policies and procedures with templates provided as examples
    • Templates and examples of how to train your staff/contractors and clients including free resources to record your processes.
  • BONUS: 7-Figure Suite of Templates
  • BONUS: 1:1 Onboarding Call
  • BONUS: Custom White Label (For those that choose the extra sub)
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to Updated Training

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