Melissa Foote

Mel is the lady that leads us with passion and integrity.

She has built many successful businesses from the ground up and loves what she does. Education, training, mentoring, accounting and software are her main passions and this combination provides a wonderful foundation when guiding and supporting other businesses.

She also loves implementing systems that help businesses feel more in control, which then leads to sustainable and manageable growth. She is a massive tech geek and nerd and finds software fascinating due to the power of how much it can change and/or help a business.

When she’s not working, she is ‘Glammy’ to two beautiful grandaughters, a mother of two daughters and a lover of food and wine. In her past life she was also a qualified chef and worked in restaurant management. Cooking now is a passion that she shares with friends and family along with the joy of conquering sourdough!


Amber-Rose Treherne

Amber is our marketing and admin powerhouse. She is also a lover of tech and enjoys helping her peers and our customers whenever they need support.

She is also a mum to two beautiful girls and a qualified hairdresser. Amber has a passion for fashion and it is not uncommon to see her hair colour, or style, change regularly. Her bubbly, friendly nature is what our clients and customers love the most.


Trang Nguyen

Trang is our number one trainer and assessor and a fully qualified accountant.

When she’s not dealing with accounting matters or students, she is a master baker and cook and mum to two beautiful boys. Trang loves birthdays and celebrations and is known for her generous home baked gifts.

Our customers and clients love her for her incredible knowledge, helpfulness, patience and guidance. She is also a major tech nerd and is well known for her attention to detail and an ability to ‘work things out’ quickly and without fuss. 


Rusty Quizo

Rusty is our super nerd that keeps our tech running smoothly.

He loves to laugh and has major OCD when things don’t work (just like Mel). He and Mel geek out together, especially when learning or implementing new programs and software.

He is a graduate of BS Computer Engineering and currently taking his masters in Engineering. When he’s not working or studying, reading is also one of his favourite hobbies. Silent and observant. He loves exploring new and exciting things in life.

Rusty also has a gorgeous Shitzu Terrier named Sparky that loves to perform for treats and explore the world around him.


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