Frequently asked questions

How long are your programs?

Our short courses are self-paced online training programs. The completion rate of each short course will depend on your previous experience with the software, your technical knowledge and available personal free time. You will be provided with twelve months access, however you may complete your course in a much shorter time frame, depending on the factors listed above.

How are your short courses delivered?

Our short courses are delivered via our online learning management system (LMS). Our LMS provides an interactive and engaging online learning enviroment. 

What types of businesses are these programs suited to?

These programs are suited to all business types. Large, medium and small business in all industries. However, you may wish to speak with one of our team to discuss your specific requirements and to ensure our programs suit your desired outcomes. We believe it is important to align our programs to your business needs. Therefore, if you are unsure, please contact us prior to purchasing any of our programs to discuss your specific requirements.

What platforms do I need to engage in your programs?

Our programs are predominately browser based. Therefore, our programs work with the most common platforms such as Apple, Windows and mobile devices.

Can I start your programs at any time?

Our short courses are available anytime! Our longer programs however have specific release dates and intakes. Contact our team to find out about our group training programs and upcoming intake dates.

What is MelFoote and Bloom 8 Global's point of difference?

Talking accounting and business can be stressful, mind boggling and sometimes a little boring… We believe in professional yet fun and engaging training that will have you stepping into your work day feeling more confident and empowered. Forget the jargon and confusion we are here to help and love to see our clients experience many ‘light-bulb’ moments. Simply put, we help make complex stuff simple.