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We train you to develop & implement business processes & systems to maximise your potential & growth. 

We specialise in Online, One-to-One and Group Training in accounting software, business systems and financial management that is fun, achievable and enables your business to run with ease!


Our System
The 1-Minute Business Confidence Evaluation

How confident are you that you’ll be able to adapt & continue to grow your business in an uncertain future?

That’s great! However, what aspects of your business operations might be limiting your true business potential?. Show me my options!
Nice start; let’s plan your next steps. Want us to show you how easy it is to automate and reduce the overwhelm in your business? Show me how!
It’s never too late to start or change the way your business operates. We can guide and support you in creating the business of your dreams. Show me how!
How do I know?

Ask yourself how do you know if these programs are right for me?

Take a look at the most common business problems we solve and if any of this resonates with you, please join us on a discovery call to find a program that suits you, or keep reading below to discover some of the programs we have on offer. We love nothing more than helping others to succeed! We will help you reach your goals by defining your challenges, desired outcomes and a program that aligns to your needs.

You're over your business and feel like getting out.

You’re stressed, overwhelmed and constantly working. You can’t see a way out and sometimes feel you would be better off working for someone else. However, you love your business and would love to find a way forward and you love the flexibility your business still offers you.

I can't seem to get on top of things and I'm in a bit of a mess

Your business has grown but during that period, you didn’t manage to implement systems to support that growth. You know that this is what is holding you back, but you don’t know where to start in order to fix it.

Managing staff and/or finances is challenging

Keeping control of your business requires a strong and organised base of capable people that can provide consistent results. We’ve got you here too! We have an accounting background/practice and will teach you about staffing, finance, retention, professional development for your team and how to use outsourced services to expand your capabilites.

I find tech and so many options overwhelming

We’ve got you and we get it! When it comes to tech we’ve done the heavy lifting and worked out the best programs with a focus on ease of use and apps that won’t hurt your hip pocket.

I need to work on my mindset and confidence to move forward

Stuck in a rut? We get this too! Sometimes the way forward seems all too hard. We provide you with a program that is easy to navigate and will help you get your groove back.


Dedicated consulting, bespoke training & short course services

We thrive on our clients success and love celebrating your wins as your confidence and business grows

Retirement Planning

Business Coaching

Our coaching programs come from years of experience and dedication to best practice in business. Our programs are built to suit your businesses goals and outcomes within an achievable time frame.

Estate Planning

Tech Implementation

We teach you step-by-step how to deal with the tech! No more tech overwhelm as we teach you how to implement best practice business systems and accounting software.

Wealth Management

Systems Development

We help solve your roadblocks and challenges so that you can move forward with confidence. We evaluate your current systems and work with you to streamline everything you do.

Family Investments

Short Course & Bespoke Programs

We help you scale your business through specialised programs in business systemisation, accounting software, HR portals and remote team management.

Why us?

Solutions for every line of enterprise business

Owning your own business is incredibly challenging. There’s so much to do and there’s people to manage, both customers and staff, especially if you’ve grown quickly.

Even if you’ve been in business for a long time, it takes so much work to keep everything under control and I often see business owners struggling and feeling overwhelmed. This is where we can help. I have built several successful businesses where my main focus has been ‘How can I remove myself from the business so that I can take long breaks and have a balanced lifestyle’. It is this approach that has led me to invest heavily in a systematic approach, education and training programs and expanded staffing capabilities.

I would love to share this with you so that you too can enjoy a business that runs on auto-pilot. A business that allows you to take extended breaks, time with your family and friends and an opportunity to work on business projects and ideas, rather than in the business. To this end, I have created specialised coaching and consulting programs specifically designed to show you how! Please come and join me by selecting from one of my programs or by scheduling a discovery call to learn more.

  • Business analysis
  • A systemised approach to business operations
  • Growth through education & training
  • Growth through outsourced services
  • Training to suit you and your needs
Business analysis?

We work with you to find out where you are struggling most. We look at any roadblocks you may be facing, both personal and professional, and your most common challenges. We then look at which of our programs align and will remedy these problems.

Growth through outsourced services?

Do you have programs, projects or ideas you just can’t get off the ground due to a lack of resources? We know exactly what this is like…. We have expertise in this area and can guide you in your outsourcing journey. Don’t know where to start? We can guide you. Don’t think you could possibly manage it? We can help solve these issues too.

A systemised approach to business operations?

We help you implement a systemised approach to your business. This helps remove so much stress and allows you to take back control. Creating a more automated and streamlined business will be your key to growth, freedom and a balanced lifestyle

Education and Training to suit you and your needs?

When it comes to training and education, myself and my team have many years experience. We offer the following services: Short course training, Group training, one-to-one, bespoke training/consulting, Seminars, Retreats, Conferences, Public speaking training & Public speaking at your event

Lifelong learning and growth through education and training?

Have you ever considered adding education and training to your service offerings? Do you wish you could pass on information to your clients or customers with training and education material? Or would you like to leverage and promote your business by putting yourself out there with public speaking? We can teach you all of this! We also love teaching businesses how they can retain staff by adopting and creating a positive learning culture. We have programs and retreats to suit each of these outcomes.

Going the Extra Mile

Bringing People and Business Together with Software Enhanced Strategies

Interested? Let’s work together

How we do the job

Our Consulting Process

01. Analyse & Create

It’s time to analyse where you’re at and where you want to be. We then identify the best way forward by creating a system and/or program that works for you.

02. Build & Scale

It’s time to get down to taking action and control at all levels of your business. We work with you to build a scaleable and easy to follow system.


03. Assure & Review

It’s time to review your new system and make sure all staff are following the new program. Allow everyone in your team to be accountable for their additions to your continuous improvement.

04. Celebrate & Rejuvenate

It’s time to celebrate your new found success and freedoms. It’s up to you….. continue to develop based upon what we’ve already taught you or sit back and enjoy that holiday and cocktail whilst your team take control. 

It is a sad fact of life that in Australia up to 30% of new businesses fail within their first year, and by year five this figure has risen up to approximately 70%.

There are of course many reasons for this attritional rate of failure for fledgling businesses, some of which are unavoidable, but for many a lack of insight, planning and poorly executed processes and systems are to blame; and there are easy solutions to prevent this happening.

Mel Foote is an organisation that is dedicated to helping businesses of all stature and ages to develop in such a way that their full potential can be realised. The future has probably never been less certain but you do have the opportunity to be as well prepared as you possible can be.

Mel Foote offers a range of business process training and business workflow training packages that can be tailor made to your specific requirements. The team at Mel Foote are all appropriately experienced with exemplary track records in creating successful businesses and helping struggling enterprises back on to their feet. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your business concept is, if you are not able to stay in close control of your finances, you will encounter problems, that can often be the ruination of an otherwise sound strategy.

Xero, with over 2.5 million subscribers is a cloud base accounting software aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses mange their finances, and at Mel Foote, Xero training courses are a part of the training that is on offer. For new users, Xero software training is the first step, to be backed up with Xero accountancy courses (which can be delivered online) and the incredibly powerful software that comes with the Xero payroll training. Benefits that Xero bring to the table are that it is accessible from virtually anywhere, can integrate you with up to 1000 helpful applications and offers great value for money as there are no extra charges for multiple users.

And to ensure that you receive the very best accountancy software training courses, the team at Mel Foote have developed their own process to fully appreciate the objectives or difficulties that you are faced with. A detailed analysis of your business systems will be performed to establish an easy to manage and scalable system that works best for you. Once implemented, follow ups and reviews of the new system will ensure that all your staff are fully compliant allowing your company to keep growing under its own steam.

If you are a business owner and you feel that things are getting away from you, or you are struggling with aspects of keeping your business healthy – or if you just want to find a small edge to increase your profitability and chances of continued success, call Mel Foote for a no obligation discussion about your position. Customised training programmes to aid you in system audits, payroll review, cleaning up and automating accountancy procedures and more are only a call away.

Headquarters and where we deliver

Consulting and training around the globe

We have worked with clients around the world to create programs that are either delivered face-to-face or virtually. Wherever you are in the world, we can offer a solution to suit your needs. We have an online training portal and heaps of tech and a personal approach to keep you engaged and always learning. We’re based in Melbourne, Australia with consultants and staff that work with us from around the globe. We believe in remote and automated businesses that can operate from anywhere, any time.

Melbourne, Australia

Davao City, Philippines

Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi, Vietnam

New York, USA

London, United Kingdom

South Africa

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